Now You Can Buy A Diamond Ring Over A Chat Group

Image: ilovebutter

Taking innovation to a new level, diamond merchants are starting to get on the popular chat app Whatsapp to sell their diamond rings. Proving that no space is too novel for a sale, vendors across the world are jumping on the bandwagon with couples, starting chat groups and selling precious stones in the process.

You could say that the industry sort of stumbled into the new marketing format back early this year, when a start-up Rare Pink began to chat with their clients on Whatsapp. The company, which sells custom engagement rings, saw that customers were more than receptive in discussions on diamonds and prices on a group chat setting. The reason? Decisions can be made en-masse without the fuss of having to arrange a meeting where everyone can get involved. Whatsapp allows you to be intimate even when you are busy – and it allows different people to give different feedback. It also allows customers to look at old pictures and make better informed decisions.

It is no surprise that the bulk of the clientele making purchasing decisions over the internet are also men who are in the market to be married and need to put a ring on it. Requests have come in so that discussions and negotiations come in exclusively through the chat program. The other reason why they choose this particular messaging program is that office networks often restrict communication apps – but Whatsapp is the standard for communicating in corporations across the world, even with their clients.

This method also allows for a level of secrecy needed by their clientele who just want to keep the whole thing under wraps and surprise their fiancé at a later date. Websites, order forms and shop visits take too much time, leave too much of a paper trail and often are the easiest to spot. Whatsapp is clean, easy and discreet without having to log into an email client.

At 1 billion active users a month, it makes sense both from a marketing and product communication model, and we see nothing stopping the precious metals game to get on board either. An industry which thrives on the personal touch is now experiencing a quantum shift – a remarkable achievement that can only mean bigger and better things for the industry in general.