Say Goodbye To Hangovers With These Sure-Fire

Image: Paul Sandham

We always encourage a spot of light drinking within the week – alcohol, especially wine, has anti-oxidant properties that can be good for your health. Fermentation has been around for ages and the health benefits are there, but there may be moments when emotions or situations get the better of us and we just want to celebrate.

A heavy night out of drinking can be fun, but not the morning after. The older we get, the less we can cope with excessive amounts of alcohol in our system.

These are some sure fire ways to make waking up from a great night out a little less painful:

D-Day Battle Plan

Some things to note on the day you plan to drink. First, make sure you do it on a full stomach but not right after you eat. Give it an hour to two hours for the food to digest and your body to digest the food.

Olive oil or dairy products are great in protecting the stomach, so Italian food or yoghurt as a dessert are great ways to prepare the gut for the night ahead. Take the martini over the bourbon-coke – the fix in the drinks act like a superhighway for the alcohol to enter your system. Plan a time to sleep and stop drinking at least 2 hours before. Crashing right away is a recipe for hangover disaster

When You Wake Up

Someone told you more alcohol will help. No. Hydrate yourself with lots of water. Alcohol does a bang up job of leeching water and nutrients from your body. Your kidney and liver have also been working overtime to process all those drinks so flush them out of your body with water.

If we did not say it earlier, drink water before you sleep as well. Because you are dehydrated, resist the urge to drink coffee – stick to water or a low sugar isotonic drink.


Pack in protein, healthy carbs and plenty of vegetables for your first meal. Those minerals and vitamins and fibers get the body going. Avoid the compulsion to eat a burger. It’s not going to help. Drink some juice as well, but not the packed kind.

No juicer at home? Eat a fruit. No fruit? Buy some. You have wrecked your body the night before so it needs the good stuff the day after. Only take an aspirin if you have a headache.


The best hangover cure of all is to exercise. Wait for breakfast to sit in the body and head out for a run. Don’t like running? Cycle, or swim. Swimming is both therapeutic and a good way to sweat out the toxins from the night before. Some prefer to run before breakfast but that takes a lot of determination. If you can,  that’s awesome as you are detoxifying your body early on the day, and your hangover will lost its effects much faster.

Stay Away From Alcohol

For at least a couple of days. If possible, don’t binge drink again and pace yourself. If you have to, drink plenty of water in between drinks – it helps to flush out the system. Follow this guide and you will be suffering less in the morning as you enjoy more the night before.