Are You Destroying Your Skin With Facials?

Image: FoundryParkInn

Most women will not want to admit that they take shortcuts when it comes to therapy on the skin, especially on the face. What most women don’t know is, buying that expensive skin product and going for facials do not mean that you are doing the organ a favor. We slap on a facial mask as a cure-all when our skin breaks out due to stress, or when new makeup irritates our skin, or maybe when we ate a ton of fast food during the week.

Needless to say, we can do a lot better and we need to prepare the skin before slapping on a mask and watching TV. Always, always remove all the makeup from your face before doing a facial. Don’t just wipe it off with remover, but add face wash and let it rest for a while. Fight the temptation to add moisturizer to the face before putting on the mask – it does not help at all. Once you are sure that your face is squeaky clean, pre-cleanse your skin one more time. We recommend you buy a good oil cleanser from your local bath and body – the oil-based cream allows you to clean your face without stripping off the first layer of protection and dehydrating it.

If you do not have a mist device, use a clean garden spray bottle and fill it up with cold water. Mist your face and neck to keep it naturally hydrated. There are a lot of great products out there, including vitaminized Evian sprays which also protect the skin and nourishes it at the same time

Read the label

If you are applying the facial mask on your own, then read the label of what you bought. Even better, ask friends for recommendations and do some research online. Some of these products are lined with harsh chemicals that may have an adverse reaction to your skin. We recommend natural based masks – red clay masks are all the rage now and they are less damaging in the long run. Avoid anything with funny chemical names and make sure you speak to a professional before making the purchase.

Drink plenty of water before and after the application of the mask. Once it’s off, it’s time to put on some moisturizer and get some sleep. Your skin will feel fresh and supple in the morning – trust us.