Five Reasons to Study Abroad

Image: University of Central Arkansas

Studying abroad can one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime, but also one of the most daunting! If you’re thinking about taking the plunge but still need a little convincing, we’ve got 5 reasons we think might push you over the edge of indecision…

Learn Another Language

Hands-down the easiest way to learn a new language is to surround yourself with the native speakers. You are much more likely to retain a language when you hear and use it daily. You’ll also pick up more practical conversational skills rather than the formal version of a language you learn in a class, great for chatting to your new found friends in awesome local bars and cafes.

Amp Up Your Resume

There are many reasons employers love to see a semester abroad on your resume. Candidates who have completed international programs tend to be well-versed in global communication. You’ll develop familiarity with cultures and customs that differ from your own, as well as an independence and confidence that only comes from venturing out into the world and carving out your own path.

Make Friends All Over The World

Almost without fail you’ll find that locals will be as excited to meet and learn about you as you are about them! Expect to be welcomed into their circles, and treated like one of the gang and asked a million questions a day. Not only can these connections give you perspective on the daily lives of your friends and how similar (or in some cases, how different) you may be, but you never know when a connection with someone might come in handy in your future. These friends will be a huge comfort when homesickness strikes, and understand it better than your friends back home might.

Get To Know Yourself

It’s only through stepping out of our comfort zone that we really discover what we are truly made of, and that’s where the fun of travel really begins. You’ll never know how adaptable you are until things don’t go as planned. That’s how you learn what your true instincts are, and you might be surprised at how adventurous you can really be. Take notes about your new experiences, take photos, soak up local culture and see what sticks with you.

If Not Now, When?

Ok, so there are plenty of post-graduate opportunities out there to study/volunteer/intern abroad. But time really does fly, and sometimes life tends to get in the way of our grand plans. You will never be as young and as free as you are right now, so seize your moment! Through resources like scholarships, financial aid and online crowdfunding sites, it may not cost much at all to get out there and start your own Study Abroad adventure. Remember you don’t have to commit to an entire semester either; programs can range from a few weeks to a whole year depending on your major and your schedule.