The One Thing You Must Check Out If You Visit The Middle East! (Especially If You Love Food)

Image: Roey Ahram

Travelers might have intimate knowledge of the food festivals that have put places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi on the map, but in the past couple of years, a new food truck craze has popped up in the Middle East and both locals and tourists alike have been lapping up the offerings made by these gourmet meals-on-wheels.

Trust the Arabs to take a concept that is pedestrian and transform it into something gourmet. The concept of the mobile kitchen has been around for years now, with the West leading the charge in terms of variety. From delicious local fare to fusion food to high-end offerings, food trucks across the globe have injected a special kind of flavor in a tried-and-true tradition.

Look up Jake’s when you are in the Middle East and you will not be disappointed. Their brand brings concept vans that range from full-on kitchens, kebab stands, to even moving tents to the people. They also carry their own range of specialty foods to sink your teeth into. You can then mosey your way down to The Pavilion Downtown Dubai restaurant, where you can feast on American comfort food (such as mac and cheese) prepared by gourmet chefs in a 1960s Airstream trailer. The other name that you should be looking out for is Ghaf Kitchen, and you will almost always find the truck at some concert, festival or events all over Dubai. They are known for the creamiest avocado salad and a deliciously juicy prawn cocktail. Other items on the menu center around seafood.

The influx of tourists in the Middle East bring with them very eclectic eating experiences that has raised the bar of expectations wherever they go. The Middle East has responded in kind, with their gateway cities like Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi starting a food truck revolution that is out of this world. This is something else to look forward to the next time you plan a trip to the continent. Our advice: stay away from the pricey restaurants this time and try pulling up a plastic chair, enjoying the outdoors over freshly grilled food served up by the local food truck.